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Some find it tasty, others pungent...either way, garlic has long been touted for its numerous medicinal qualities. Read on with me to find out the many different uses this fascinating herb can have.

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Bad breathe
Pet worms
Heart problems

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Garlic Keeps Mosquitoes Away!

I don't know if garlic will keep away vampires, as I haven't run into any since spring and summer of 2012. Mosquitoes, I have run into plenty of them!! While many products on the market do a good job of repelling mosquitoes, most of them are using chemicals. I prefer something more natural, for myself, my lawn and my pets!

Dr. T's, Mosquito Barrier these are two products that are all natural which work excellently to keep the mosquito population from gnawing on my pets and my family. The prime ingredient in both is garlic.

I prefer Mosquito Barrier as I can mix it up myself and control the strength of the mixture. The price is quite nice as well, and the product seems to last longer than Dr. T's.

At just about $20 a bottle, I get a good 4 applications on a half acre, and that last me for one full summer season!

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